about fede


Fede has been in the Design Industry for more than 20 years designing international projects in Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica and in more than 5 states in the US including Florida, NY, California and Texas. He has a bachelor degree in Design and graduated “summa cum laude” and began teaching Design for more than 8 years in Mexico City in the early 1990’s. His style of design has created a trademark bringing simple and empty spaces into luxurious and stunning residential and commercial projects crafting every single time a sanctuary for his clients.

Fede never repeats a design. He always offers the latest in design and technology to every single client. He has created Fede Architectural and Interior Design Services and he partners with General Contractors to offer the clients a turn-key project. He has been invited to host some TV shows as NBC and Univision, the number one Hispanic Network in the USA.

He has been published in more than 10 Top Design Magazines and his latest achievement an interview in Forbes Mexico, Fede has become one of the design thinkers in Miami and Latin America. His motto is:

Why live SIMPLE if you can live FANTASTIC?

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