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Fede Design is a group of creative specialists with one same goal: Develop innovative and creative projects tailored to each client transforming their dreams and ideas into reality. Our experience in residential design has taken us from Miami, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, LA, Bahamas, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia and as far away as any client wishes to go. 

Our clientele is very diverse with varying lifestyles; therefore we place great importance on cultivating and maintaining our relationships with them. We travel wherever we are needed and limit our schedule to provide specialized attention. Recent projects include: Several apartments in Brickell Key (Miami) including the ASIA Condominium, Carbonell, Two and Three Tequesta Point, Houses in Miami Beach, Fisher and Star Island and Coral Gables.

Fede Design has been in the design industry for some time now and we have strived to make our clients feel special. One thing that we do is WE DO NOT REPEAT A DESIGN. We treat each and every project as one of kind. That is why we are always looking for new things, products, accessories, prices of furniture, etc…

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